The artist known as Ed Bats adopted a pseudonym during their days as a graffiti artist, covertly painting murals on streets around Aotearoa and across Europe. Perhaps as a result, Bats’ works are imbued with a certain architectural quality that is evident in both their physicality and construction.


Bats combines hard-edged abstraction with a minimalist aesthetic to create works that push at the limits of composition and form. The artist’s careful and constant working and re-working is laid bare in every stroke of paint, each exacting line or gesture. Often entire paintings are virtually obliterated, their surface painted over leaving only glimpses of the anterior colour and form beneath; similar to a graffiti wall that has been repeatedly whitewashed. Some works present a meticulous layering of vertical forms that have the appearance of architectural planes or structures stacked one behind another, others are physically constructed from multiple canvasses, while larger works see great swathes of flat vivid colour immersing the viewer and lending them a heightened optical quality.


Many works are more akin to objects than paintings. In addition to constructed canvasses, the artist often incorporates second-hand furniture and household items into their practice – from window blinds to coffee tables – to create assemblages that oscillate between painting, sculpture, and installation. With a love of design and reviving vintage furniture, Bats revels in the process of making and constructing – from stretching their own canvases, to fabricating custom-made frames.



Bachelor of Creative Technologies Majoring in Visual Arts, Wellington Institute of




2020 Bootleg Utopia, Page Galleries, Wellington

2019 The Woburn Wormhole, Parlour Projects, Hawke’s Bay

The State of It, Gallery 9, Sydney

2018 Insert Disc 2, Parlour Projects, Hawke’s Bay

2017 Old Bak Ache, State Gallery, Auckland

The Smallest Weird Number, Gallery 9, Sydney

Bauza Island, Parlour Projects, Hawkes Bay

2016 Lake Hayes, Gallery 9, Sydney

She’s my best friend, The Young, Wellington

2014 Outpost 31, The Young, Wellington

The Swimsuit Issue, Rooftop Artspace, Melbourne

2013 Two Headed Boy, August.13, Wellington

Minors at Night, The Young, Wellington

2011 Milkwood Place, Russian Frost Farmers, Wellington



2020 Augmented Reality Gallery 9, Sydney

2019 Speed Dating 3.0, play_station, Wellington

2018 Sydney Contemporary, Gallery 9, Sydney

Speed Dating, play_station, Wellington

Auckland Art Fair Parlour Projects, Hawke’s Bay

2017 Pink Bits, Precinct 35, Wellington

2016 NZ Onshore Sculpture Festival, Fort Takapuna Auckland

What The Weekend Is, Urban Spree, Berlin

The Young Ones, The Young, Wellington

2015 Street Hawker, The Young, Wellington

Ed Bats and Don Driver, The Young, Wellington

LAOU Collective Residency, Urban Dream Brokerage pop-up space, Wellington,

2014 The Personal Effects of Kim Dotcom by Simon Denny (Supporting mural artist),

Adam Art Gallery, Wellington

Buy Enjoy, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington

Young & Gifted, New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington

2013 Buy Enjoy, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington

Project #2, I We╩╝re Them, Wellington

2012 Like a Glove, Good as Gold, Wellington



2016 The Young, Wellington

I–A–M, Liegenschaft, Berlin, Germany

Atelier, Lyon, France


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