Max Gimblett (b.1935) has been primarily based in New York since 1972. His practice encompasses influences as varied as Abstract Expressionism, Modernism, Eastern and Western spiritual beliefs, Jungian psychology, and ancient cultures. This complex synthesis of influences is evident in Gimblett's work, which consists largely of object based paintings. His shaped canvases hold various associations and meanings connected to the oval, rectangle, tondo, keystone, and quatrefoil (of which Gimblett is most recognised). It is Gimblett's intention in these works to explore the multiplicity of meaning attached to revered objects and symbols. The quatrefoil shape dates back to pre-Christian times and is found in both Western and Eastern religions symbolising such objects as a rose window, cross, and lotus. Gimblett steps further into the realm of the spiritual with his use of precious metals; materials such as gold and silver are religiously associated with honour, wisdom, enlightenment and spiritual energies.